The Sinouri Clinic marked the beginning of its operation in 1964 and has since been committed to providing mental health services with the primary goal of treating and restoring individuals suffering from psychiatric disorders, including conditions such as depression and bipolar disorder.
Often, individuals with mental health issues feel vulnerable and exposed, experiencing difficulty functioning within the societal framework, which excludes them due to fear and reluctance towards differences.

At Sinouri Clinic, we provide care both in the acute phase to stabilize the patient's health condition and in the chronic phase, focusing not only on the treatment or suppression of symptoms but also on the social integration of patients. This aims to help them regain the essence of life.

In December 2009, we underwent an extensive and in-depth renovation of our facilities, in accordance with the latest European standards. With a renewed scientific staff that combines high scientific competence with a humanistic approach, we focus daily on the unique needs of each patient and their families.

We are at the forefront of mental health services, promoting the improvement of human health. Working with responsibility, awareness, and patience, we always strive for the best.

Our Mission is to Improve the Quality of Human Life

We offer high-level services, striving tirelessly to:

  • Achieve our goals
  • Respect and empathize with patients and their families
  • Ensure an environment that supports and respects each individual's uniqueness
  • Always be effective, innovative, efficient, and beneficial to our patients and society

Our Vision

Our vision is to consistently remain at the forefront of mental health clinics, inspiring our collaborators and competitors.


Our Values

  • Respect and appreciation for the individual
  • Honesty, seriousness, and integrity in actions and intentions
  • Courtesy and care
  • Teamwork and competition
Our mission is to enhance the quality of human life.
157 Charilaou Trikoupi str &
74 Tatoiou str, 145 64 Kifisia
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