In Sinouri Clinic psychotherapy groups are held so that the person can:

  • Share his experiences and feelings with the other members of the group, so that he will not feel isolated, get a positive/supportive feedback from other group members and develop self-esteem
  • Be given the chance to offer and receive help from other members in order to develop interpersonal skills. That will also encourage any new member at an early stage of the therapy to feel comfortable among others who are in an advanced stage of therapy.
  • Get information from other group members about the disease, its evolution, therapy, medication etc.
  • Create a safe and supportive environment so that each member can practice on new interpersonal behaviors and develop social skills.
  • The patient can reach a higher level of self-awareness. As he will interact with the other group members, he will be getting feedback so that he can understand the impact of his behavior on other people.