Psychotherapy – Discovering myself

In our clinic, our therapists work with the patients, so as to develop and strengthen their mental and emotional health. We help them to focus on their strong sides, discover new ways of managing current anxieties and create new strategic methods to move on to a positive future.

Through psychotherapy the person chooses the path to self-exploration. Through this kind of therapy he will be able to identify the causes of issues that troubles him, recognize the factors that perpetuate his problems and become aware of his fears or difficulties that may limit his psychological freedom. When patients realise what triggers their pain, difficulty, anxiety or dysthymia, the old behavioral patterns fade away.

With the help of our therapists the patient can set new goals and try new and more functional ways of behavior. In this way, he will become more receptive to any changes may happen in his life and find the courage to support a more positive attitude for the future.